Breast Upliftment (Mastopexy)

This operation lifts up the breasts which have "sagged", but without making them bigger or smaller. It is also used to improve breasts which have an unusual shape. The commonest reason for having this operation is where a woman has had children, or lost weight, and the breasts have become droopy, with the nipples lying lower than the breast crease. Often the skin of the breast seems stretched, and with the contents of the breast having shrunk, the skin no longer fits nicely around the breast tissue. The aim of the operation is to reduce the amount of skin and redrape it so that it gives the breast a youthful and pleasing shape. A breast lift (mastopexy) is a surgical procedure that can often be an ideal solution for women who are experiencing an accumulation of excess, inelastic skin in the breasts, giving them a sagging appearance. As we age, factors such as gravity, weight changes, pregnancy and breast-feeding can affect the shape of the breasts. Natural development can also be a factor. Over time, the loss of elasticity within the skin can cause the breasts to lose their shape and firmness, causing them to droop or sag. Breast lift surgery removes excess breast skin and raises, reshapes and firms the breasts. The nipples are repositioned to a more elevated position, and the pigmented areola is reduced in size if necessary. If an increase in breast size is also desired, breast implants can also be placed – sometimes within the same surgery, sometimes requiring a 2 stage surgery to achieve the best results. Similarly, breast size can be reduced at the time of a mastopexy if that is required. Either way, no additional incisions or additional scarring results from combination of the two procedures. Breast lift surgery can be performed as a day-procedure – most patients are able to return home on the same day of the treatment. The recovery process will vary with each patient; however, there will be some downtime necessary after breast lift surgery. Breast lift surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgical breast enhancement procedures, and has helped women across the globe rejuvenate their breasts and restore confidence in their appearance.