Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery, medically referred to as abdominoplasty, is a way to eliminate excess, loose skin in the abdomen and tighten the remainder for a firmer, flatter appearance. Despite weight control and exercise, some individuals do not achieve the abdominal contour that they desire. Sometimes the issue is a lower roll of skin and fatty tissue; sometimes it is loose skin and stretch marks; often it involves muscles and their support tissues weakened and damaged by surgery, pregnancy, or large weight changes. Regardless of the reasoning, contouring, flattening and tightening of the abdominal region is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures chosen by women, and an increasing number of men. Having your “tummy tucked” means removing excess fatty tissue and skin, and where required, tightening the abdominal muscle support tissues. This procedure ranges from a mini-tuck to deal with issues limited to the region between the pubis and the belly button, to full tucks with liposuction to deal with the entire front of the abdomen. For other patients, the problem extends around the hips and right around to their back – this too can be corrected! Tummy tuck surgery has helped patients all over the world attain firmer, tighter abdominal skin with beautiful results.